My Story

 Hi there!

My name is Morgan McDonald and I am currently living in a Tulsa, OK. I spend most of my time in coffee shops creating, taking pictures, spending time with my favorite people, and finding inspiration in the beauty surrounding me. I am strongly passionate about queso, pancakes, traveling, coffee, dance parties, and the sweetest love for Jesus. 

I first started in photography by just taking pictures of friends and learning everything I could by surrounding myself with other influential photographers. Since then I have developed a passion for capturing the emotion and importance that photos bring; whether it be weddings, couple's photography, or families. In total, I have been a lifestyle photographer for four years, and I have had the pleasure of doing wedding photography for three years.  I mainly specialize in wedding, travel, and lifestyle photography, but I enjoy creating in every way I know how. I absolutely adore getting to create imagery from beautiful moments that last people a lifetime. Thank you for considering and trusting me to do what I love to do. My hope is to create an experience for you where you not only receive beautiful images, but in a peaceful, and easy way. 

So how does that work, exactly? 

I am so glad you asked. 

For most photo-shoots I offer guidance on locations, outfits, and anything else you would possibly need to get the exact photos you're looking for. I'm avid in attention to detail so I am here with you every step of the way to make sure everything turns out lovely and just the way you've always dreamt of. As a growing photographer I have styled my photos in the way I feel captures the most beauty in every situation.  

This is my passion. I'm crazy about it. 

You feeling crazy about it too?