Hi there!

My name is Morgan McDonald and I currently living in a Tulsa, OK. I spend most of my time in coffee shops, taking pictures, spending time with my favorite people, and finding inspiration in the beauty surrounding me. I am strongly passionate about queso, coffee, dance parties, Zac Rovang and the sweetest love for Jesus. 

I am a self taught photographer with a passion for capturing the emotion and importance that photos bring; whether it be weddings, couple's photography, developing businesses, or families. In total, I have been a lifestyle photographer for four years, and I have had the pleasure of capturing weddings for three years.  I mainly specialize in wedding, marketing, and lifestyle photography, but I enjoy creating in every way I know how. I absolutely adore getting to create images from beautiful moments that last people a lifetime. Thank you for considering and trusting me to do what I love to do. My hope is to create an experience for you where you not only receive beautiful images, but in a peaceful, and easy way. 

So how does that work, exactly? 

I am so glad you asked. 

For most photoshoots I offer guidance on locations, outfits, and anything else you would possibly need to get the exact photos you're looking for. I take pride in offering a wide variety of packages to fit anyone’s budget. I'm avid in attention to detail so I am here with you every step of the way to make sure everything turns out lovely and just the way you've always dreamed it to be.

This is my passion. I'm crazy about it. 

You feeling crazy about it too?